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Trading Spaces / Changing Places

Under the motto Trading Spaces / Changing Places, the exhibition section in Tweebronnen tells its own story, which is also in line with the themes developed at the All Our Yesterdays-site in Heverlee. This is...

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Famous Women in Early Photography

Story about famous women in Early photography.


Collodion portraits

Some observations on the collodion technique for portrait photography.


"Cathedral Square" of Milan: evolution between XIX and XX century.

In the second half of the XIX century, during years of political unrest as Italy fought for its Unification, the municipality of Milan started a urban renewal programme with the aim of redefining the face...


Fork or Finger = Nurture vs Nature?

This is a somewhat humorous look at the nature vs nurture debate as expressed through human beings' preoccupation with dining etiquette. It draws on photographs and newspaper articles from around the turn of the 20th...


Hong Kong, 1846

The Pearl of the Orient through a Western Gaze This collection showcases images of Hong Kong in 1846, one of the earliest during the British colonial period.  


Origins of World War One

  What lead up to WWI? Before the assassination of the presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there was a shift in power and a series of small battles across Europe; all contributing to the outbreak of...



A photographic look at  Mauritania's changes in the last 100 years: from colonization to the new millenium.

Powerful women and Fashion

- Written by Emily Van Driessen.


Brussels History, Brussels Today

This story will highlight some special places in Brussels, it will make the comparison between the past and now.  Starting with de beurs/la bourse in the city center. 

The Great Experiment

The Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage site is the only strcuture in Mauritiıus Representing the 'Great Experiment' and its attendant diaspora of indentured worker throughout the world


Spanish painters representing Greek and Roman mythology in the Prado Museum

From the Renaissance (14th – 17th century), the mythology started being one of the most important genres for some painters. The Prado Museum, in Madrid, is one of the best picture galleries in the world...


Joseph Mallord William Turner - selected paintings

This photographic story will feature a selection of paintings by Joseph Mallord William Turner, it will include both famous and lesser known works.

The Right to Vote: Suffragettes Through the Eyes of Early 20th Century Photographers

Suffragettes were members of women's organisations who advocated the extension of the right to vote in public elections, to women.  The Suffragettes movement was initiated in Britain in the late 19th century mostly by women from upper and...


Old Look of Taiwan

Taiwan was used to be called as "Formosa", and this name can be found in a lot of old data base. It is interesting to understand my own country history from western collections, which provides...


The evolution of Madrid

The city of Madrid has changed a lot in the last years, decades and centuries. It is amazing how it has become such a big metropoli. Where if used to be field and farming land,...


La Calavera Catrina or Elegant Skull

The character, created by Posada in 1913, is representing some ideas that are too important to be missed for the understanding of the Mexican perception of many aspects of life.  In the following pages, you will...


In a Time of Plague

Art during plague and disease wasn't necessarily without its humor. Take a look through these images and try to distinguish between images of fear, hope, humor, and sadness.


Slovenian Highlights

With this photo story I intend to create a collection of some of the nicest and most well-known views of Slovenia, adding some historical and cultural facts and tales. I paired postcards from the 20th...

The Administrative Palace in ARAD.

ARAD town in Romania  ...................................................  The video is related to the architecture in ARAD, a town in Western Romania, located near the border with Hungary. The central part of the town preserved all its historical buildings constructed in several styles:...

Great Synagogue, Lutsk

The Great Synagogue in Lutsk (Ukraine), is an old building with a tower.  It was completed in 1629, but was damaged several times.  The Great Synagogue was located in the Jewish quarter and was the centre of...

In need of empathy

This is a brief attempt to find empathy troughout history. We live in times when empathy, to put ourselves in someone elses' shoes is very important. GLAM collections all over the world can provide a...



Lisbon is the capital of Portugal also its Portugals largest city. For the ones who know this city well are used to calling it The City of The Seven Hills. Although it might be somtimes...


A piece of family history

This story features some of my family members, all descending from Kyrenia, Cyprus, through photos taken between the 1940s to the 70s.


Back home for festive Ljubljana

A selection of images from festive Ljubljana.  After 3 years I was able to spend New Years eve in Slovenia with family. This gave me the chance to enter the Ljubljana city more than once. 


Chaplin and Keaton

Nowadays, both Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton are viewed as pioneers of the cinematographic burlesque. Nevertheless, in his day, Chaplin was more popular than Keaton. On basis of the key differences among them, was this...


La Sagrada Familia

This is the story of the magnificent La Sagrada Familia, in Barelona, Spain. 


Bites of Madrid

A little bit of the transformation experienced in the historic centre of Madrid.


Mytilene: a timeless shelter for refugees

This is the story of a large group of people, who just before the World War I broke out, were forced to leave their homeland in coastal provinces of Ottoman Empire. These found shelter in many places in Greece...

Aloe Vera

A story on the background of aloe vera cultivation in Aruba. 


Of Sound and Stillness

Of Sound and Stillness brings together images of people listening - listening to music captured on record.

Exploring Henry David Thoreau Digital Resources

I'm currently researching the life of Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862), best known for his book Walden, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.  I wanted to use this assigment...


Chapels & Churches in Leuven

I would like to tell a story about some of my favorite chapels and churches in Leuven, a small town in Flemish Brabant, Belgium. As an art history student, I have closely studied art and...

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Charlotte Wyns

Opera Singer


The evolution of recording studios

This story will show the evolution of recording studios and the evolution they have underwent into the digital age. This evolution will be shown by using photos from the online repositories as well as some of my...


Dancing through Time

It is already understood that dancing is a dynamic way of expressing different types of emotions, ideas or desires. Visual arts, such as paintings and pictures, are non-moving means of conveying movements and moments of...


Historical London

This story will be a collection of images to show how London has changed over time. It will mainly describe and show touristy/ main attractions in London. Each place will show what it looked like...


Korea Joseon’s Main Palace: Gyeongbokgung

Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung is the oldest and largest palace from the Joseon period in Korea (1392-1897). During this story, some of its most important and beautiful buildings will be explained.


Bilbao: from industrial to modern

Bilbao has an industrial past and that is undeniable. However, its people have been able to reconfigurate the city, especially the area surrounding the river, and transform it in the modern space we now can see...

The Glassworkers

The glassmakers are an example of "community", established when the manufacture of glass was discovered. First in Alexandria, then in Venice, and finally throughout Europe, they have maintained a family and union organization, which has...


De Aduana a Museo

Transformación del Palacio de la Aduana en el actual Museo de Málaga. [This Story is just a test/work in progress!]

My view of Ghent

A lively city in the Flemish region of Belgium lies Ghent. This city has an interesting history because it’s the capital of the East Flanders province and in the Late Middle Ages, it was one...


Back in Time...

Another lively city in the Flemish region of Belgium lies Ghent. This city has an interesting history because it’s the capital of the East Flanders province and in the Late Middle Ages, it was one...

A little story of my city: Marsala.

Marsala is an italian town located in the westernmost part of Sicily. The town is famous for the docking of Giuseppe Garibaldi on 11 May 1860 (the Expedition of the Thousand) and for its Marsala wine. A...



This is the story of my trip through Cambodia in april 2017 in old and new pictures. I started in Phnom Penh and made complete tour through the country. I ended my journey in Siem...


Old Beautiful Hoziron

The third most important capital of Brazil, Belo Horizonte is located in a strategic point of the Southeast region. Surrounded by the Serra do Curral, a natural enframing of the city, its population today adds...


Tempio Malatestiano

This is the story about Tempio Malatestiano...


Património Português

A Ponte D. Zameiro sobre o Rio Ave fazia a ligação da estrada romana conhecida por Via Veteris, que do Porto se dirigia a Barcelos e Esposende. Agora só aberta aos peões convida-o a vir conhecê-la...